Super Bowl ads are very important. One of the funniest and most-liked ads this year featured Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady. View the Dunkin’ ad, did you see it? It was really amusing, right?

Many ads during the Super Bowl are remembered. Others really like the Dunkin’ Donuts ad this year.

Many of the ads that played during this year’s Super Bowl weren’t very interesting. The ad from Dunkin’ Donuts in the second quarter did make things better, though.

In a funny scene, Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, and Matt Damon showed up at Jennifer Lopez’s recording studio out of the blue.

Damon laughed and danced with Affleck. He asked, “How about those donuts?” which made people think of his famous line from Good Will Hunting.

An excellent ad should have big names and funny parts that make the ad even better.

The “DunKings” are a group that everyone wants to see more of.

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