We’re interested in some Hollywood stars because they live fancy, expensive lives.

Another famous person is Sam Elliott, who shows everyone that real love is possible.

Elliott is 79 years old, and he and his wife Katharine Ross have been married for thirty years.

Sam Elliott is a famous singer with lots of female fans all over the world. He is married to Katharine Ross and has been for thirty years.

Ross had a big part in the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” which is where they met for the first time. Elliott, on the other hand, barely registered as present. He said, “I was just a shadow on the wall, a bar scene extra with no real role.”

Elliott fell deeply in love with Ross the moment he saw her, but he elected not to pursue their relationship. He honestly believed that Ross was a big Hollywood star, while he was just an extra.

“I could only look at Katharine from afar,” he explained. “I missed our conversation. “I never even considered talking to her.”

Right away, Elliott fell in love with Ross, but he didn’t rush things. His wait for the right time was over.

Working on a movie called “The Legacy” in 1978, they ran into each other again. That’s when Elliott finally talked to her.

They got married six years after meeting and getting along so well. There were four previous marriages for Ross, but this was Elliott’s first.

Ross had been through four bad marriages before this one, so she may not have been sure how well this fifth one would go. Although, she knows she made the right choice after 30 years of being with him.

They are both good for each other’s jobs. Ross made sure Elliott could still try out for a big part in a movie when he almost turned it down because they were on their honeymoon.

Cleo Rose is their daughter’s name. After taking singing lessons, she became a famous singer.

Sam and Kate are together every day because they love each other and work hard.

“Same sense of right and wrong, but we also work at being together.” Beyond the s–t, you don’t run away from it. Eliot told AARP Magazine, “That’s how relationships last.”

It’s so easy to understand but definitely true.

Elliott says he wants to move them to “La La Land” one day. The couple spends time in both their California and Oregon homes.

Ross and Elliott even got to live out a dream they had while they were dating: they got to share the screen as husband and wife. They did that twice, in “The Hero” and “Love Letters.” Elliott calls “Love Letters” the best work of his career.

Elliott thinks that they love and respect each other, which makes their bond strong. He says Ross is steady and has a lot of knowledge.

He believes that strength of will is important. Don’t give up, even when things are hardest.

These stars are likely to show up in more movies, hopefully in more together.

Other married people can be inspired by their love story. Married people who work hard to keep their marriages healthy can teach us a lot.

Spread the word about this story to wish Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross many more years of happiness and love.

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