People called Lady Di the People’s Princess because she cared about and loved normal people. Everyone will always remember her as the person who changed Britain and the royal family for the better.

Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth II’s oldest son and will be the next king of Britain. She became famous when she got engaged to him. People always wanted to know about her after they did. She had photographers following her around, and some people think they killed her.

The photos below show a different side of Diana that we don’t see very often. They make us remember how much we all admired her.

Diana’s engagement ring, a 12-carat sapphire set in white gold and surrounded by 14 single diamonds, wasn’t made just for her; it came from a catalog for the Garrard jewelry line. The ring went to Kate Middleton after William proposed to her with it after she died.

Diana wasn’t sure what to call her future husband Philip Charles Arthur George on her wedding day because she was so happy and mixed up.

Diana’s brother Charles Spencer said that she had trouble wearing the tiara at first because it gave her headaches.

He said in an interview, “That night, we all went to a kind of semi-private party, and she was there. I remember she had a terrible headache because she hadn’t worn a tiara all morning.”

Aside from being very special, Diana’s wedding dress had a 25-foot train that made it hard for her to walk. When Lady Di got into the carriage, her dress got a little squashed and wrinkled.

Not long after they got engaged, someone asked them if they were in love. Charles answered, “Whatever ‘in love’ means,” and Diana replied, “Of course.”

Diana is shown plans of her dress, which were later torn up so that anyone could see them.

The wedding gifts that Charles and Diana got were one-of-a-kind. One gift they got was a hand-made ceramic centerpiece and an engraved Steuben glass bowl from the Reagans. Along with the other gifts, they got gloves made of silk that was 100 years old and a watch that was set with diamonds and sapphires.

The fact that Charles and Diana both had an ancestor named Henry VII of the Tudors became known after the wedding. The farthest they were related was 16th cousins.

There are pictures of Charles and Diana on their honeymoon. While they were talking, the newlyweds said to the lip reader, “The honeymoon was the perfect time to catch up on sleep…”

In 1980, before Diana became a Princess, this picture was taken.

Diana when she went to Angola in 1997 to help people who had been hurt by landmines.

Along with her son Harry, who is wearing an outfit that matches and sticking out his tongue at the crowd.

The media called Princess Diana’s stepmother “wicked stepmother” because of how badly she got along with Diana.

The vacation is fun for Diana and her partner Dodi Rayed. She died just a few days after this picture was made.

The Princess is having a great time at the beach in a swimming suit with animal prints.

She was called “The People’s Princess” because she cared about her people and had a big heart.

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