Christie Werts and Wesley Werts started their journey together as a married couple five years ago. When they put Christie’s daughter Megan together with Wesley’s kids Austin and Dakota, they made a loving family that sticks together.

Little did they know that their love story would take a turn they didn’t see coming, leading them to adopt Levi, a surprise baby. Since the Werts family had to wait 16 months for the adoption process to finish, they had to be patient and determined in order to adopt Levi. But Levi’s adoption story takes a touchy turn that makes Christie and her family feel like they are in a fairy tale.


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Levi was born early in Texas in August 2021. His biological mother, Wesley’s ex-partner, sadly died four days after he was born at 33 weeks due to problems caused by drug use and COVID-19. The couple found out about Levi when Wesley’s sister told him terribly sad news about his ex-wife.

Knowing what it was like to be in foster care herself, Christie was determined to give Levi a safe and caring home. Amazingly, Christie had vivid dreams about a blonde baby with blue eyes for three months before she found out Levi was real.

These ideas were a big part of why she decided to try to adopt Levi. The Werts family was traveling from Ohio to Texas when they met Levi through Child Protection Services. Their first meeting was just like Christie’s hopes.

Christie later said, “When I walked in and saw this blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby, I fell in love right away.” It was a strange feeling. That kid was my son.”


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Going through the adoption process was hard for the Werts family, especially since they had two babies. In addition to the usual problems, like house checks and court cases, they ran into even more complicated issues. As part of the court process, Levi’s biological father’s parental rights were taken away, which meant they had to sell their home in Ohio and move to Texas.

Levi was officially adopted after 16 months of careful steps that included house inspections, interviews, and court sessions. This was an exciting moment for the couple, who couldn’t wait to welcome their baby boy into the world.

Because their story was so touching, some people on the internet criticized Christie for sharing it online. They asked her why she did it. Some were worried about what it might mean for Levi as he gets older, saying they thought it might make him depressed.

Some people, on the other hand, were happy for the couple and wished them luck as they start a family.

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