People who break into cars are always looking for new ways to get in and take your stuff and money. You may have heard that thieves break into cars with high-tech tools. But some thieves aren’t as smart about how they do things.

In the past few months, a nickel or penny has been used to steal a few things. How does someone use a coin to get into your car? Thieves often get in through the door handle on the passenger side, even if your car is parked in a shop lot or your garage. Why bother?

They follow you everywhere. The keyless enter won’t work to open the car because the passenger door is stuck. No one needs to be taught how to break into your car to take what they want. They can even take the car itself.

Check the door handle again to make sure no one has put a coin there before you get in. This trick can also be used by thieves hiding in the trunk to steal your car. In case the thief got in, you should check the trunk and back seat…I’d rather be safe than sorry.

See how thieves use the “slider” method to take things from your car while you’re getting gas in the video below. You can keep this scary type of theft from happening. Being smart gives you power.

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