When a woman married a rich man she thought would be great for her family, her life changed in a big way.

On Reddit, she talked about how this man gave her parents expensive gifts, paid off her sister’s credit card debt, and even found her brother a great job at a reputable company. His generous nature made her in-laws admire him, even though he had been cheating on her.

His first cheating incident happened right after she gave birth to their daughter Kelly. Because she felt weak, she asked her family for help. Even though they tried to help her, she couldn’t make up her mind and stayed because she thought it was her fault for not being a good wife while she was pregnant.

Kelly lied again when he was about 12 years old, after all those years. She was set on getting a divorce this time. In-laws and family were against it because they thought it would cause a scandal. She asked for a divorce, but the custody fight was tough, and her ex-husband’s lawyers and her in-laws beat her.

Kelly was taken away from her, but she got alimony and a fair deal. Kelly tried to stay in touch with her, but her parents and in-laws made her look like the bad guy. They got her to believe that her mother was bad.

She turned to her best friend Tina for support when things got tough. Tina was important to her success. Over time, she tried to make things better with Kelly. She agreed to pay for Kelly’s graduate school, but there were some rules. In return, Kelly had to give up her right to an inheritance from her mother.

Things always get right in the end. Kelly did her best, earned a degree in accounting, and got a great job that paid well. In the meantime, Kelly’s dad had a run of bad luck. He lost his job and ended up in a case. He used up everything he had, even the money for Kelly’s schooling.

Kelly changed her mind after becoming financially independent and learning more about life. She wanted to talk to her mom again. The woman couldn’t help but wonder if it had anything to do with Kelly’s recent money problems, especially since her tuition wasn’t sure anymore.

The woman said she would pay for Kelly’s graduate school costs, but Kelly had to give up her inheritance position in exchange. In her will, the woman named Laura, her goddaughter, as the person she wanted to receive the most money.

It’s no surprise that this choice caused a fight in the family. Others in the family aren’t sure if the woman was right to pick Laura as her child instead of her own daughter, who only seemed interested in getting back together after she was having money problems.

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