The former president, Donald Trump, gave a short health report from his doctor, Dr. Bruce Aronwald. In the report, Dr. Aronwald says that Trump’s health is “excellent” and that he has lost weight because he has a “improved diet” and works out regularly. Strange things about the report are that it lacks important information like Trump’s weight, blood pressure, cholesterol readings, prescribed medications, or the amount of weight loss.

It’s not the first time that Trump’s health admissions have been vague; this is the first time. Previous reports from his doctors have been criticized for not being specific enough. Some of them made broad claims, like saying that the man was the “healthiest person ever elected to the presidency.” Especially interesting is the fact that Trump’s health reports have often left out important details, giving the public a false picture of his health.

Vice President Biden, on the other hand, has decided to share more details about his health, even though there are still questions about his age and fitness for office, despite his efforts.

Concerns have been made about both President Trump and Vice President Joe Biden’s health, and it has been suggested that they might not be able to run for another term when they are so old. Polls have shown that people are worried about whether or not they have what it takes to be president.

In particular, Trump has often used how well he did on brain tests as proof of how smart he is. This is really true about Trump. Even so, the debate about whether or not the past president is fit to be president will continue if he doesn’t give more information about his health.

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