Following recent news stories about Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton’s hospitalisation, the Royal Family has given an update on when she is expected to return to work.

The Princess of Wales, Middleton, was taken to The London Clinic in Marylebone on January 16, 2024, as they said on their Instagram page.

The palace said that Middleton had good surgery on her abdomen. She has a big scar on her head from the surgery.

Palace officials say that the senior royal member will likely stay in the hospital for “ten to fourteen days” before continuing her treatment at home.

Based on the latest medical advice, Middleton probably won’t be able to return to public tasks until after Easter. This was chosen with her health in mind.

It is said that Middleton’s situation is “not cancerous,” and she wants to keep her medical matters private, especially for the sake of her children.

In light of this, Kensington Palace will only give updates on her health when they think it is important for the public to know.

Kensington Palace says they’re sorry for any trouble the Princess of Wales’s postponed plans have caused.

Middleton, who had terrible morning sickness during her first pregnancy, is looking forward to getting back to her public appearances sooner.

Followers of the Royal Family on Instagram are sending their support and well-wishes for the Princess of Wales’s quick healing and little pain.

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