When the actor Cole Hauser was only two years old, his parents started living apart. He first heard of his dad’s name seven years later, while watching the movie’s end credits. That’s when he started to get to know him.

Hauser became famous for his part as Rip Wheeler on the very popular Paramount Network show “Yellowstone.”

Even though they had a bad relationship in the past, Hauser’s parents have been there for him, especially his father, who shares his love of cowboy culture and acting.

Hauser was raised mostly by his mother, and it took him almost ten years to get to know his father and start a bond with him.

Cass Warner, Hauser’s mother, was a successful writer, director, and founder of the production company “Warner Sisters.” She was also in charge of his upbringing. She raised Hauser by herself after her split from Wings Hauser, and she never got married again.

Hauser was born on a ranch in Santa Barbara. He had a desire for life and excitement from a young age. He loved exploring the Oregon woods with his family’s dogs and riding his pony with a smile on his face.

When Hauser was about nine years old, he found Wings Hauser’s name in a movie and reunited with his father. This led him to ask his mother for more information, which led to her telling him who his father was.

Gerald Dwight Hauser was born Wings Hauser. He got the nickname “Wings” after putting out an album in 1975 under the name Wings Livinryte. He had a great career as an actor and director, starring in films like “Tough Guys Don’t Dance” and “Tales from the Hood.” His family was also in the movie business.

With more than 114 movie roles over the course of more than 50 years, the star was given extra attention by Zeus Brothers Entertainment, who made a vlog just for him.

Cole moved in with his father when he was 15 years old after finding out who Wings was. There, he got help and advice on how to become an actor.

Cole’s mum, Cass Warner, comes from a family with a long history of making films in Hollywood. She grew up near Warner Bros Studios, which sparked her interest in films and led her to start Warner Sisters, her own production company.

The documentary “The Brothers Warner,” which Cass made in 2008, showed how her family has a history of making films. She also started the show “Conversations with Cass,” in which famous people from the movie business talked to her.

Cole has a close relationship with his mother. He supports her non-profit organisation, “The Dream Factory Project,” and says that she was a big part of helping him become an actress.

In an interview to promote “The Dream Factory Project,” Cole said that his mother helped him follow his goals and taught him to be kind and strong.

On social media, he often honours his mother by posting memories of special times they spent together and saying how thankful he is for those times. He talked about horseback ride with his mother in Utah in one post.

Cole posted a picture of his mother, wife, and children during the COVID-19 pandemic to show that they were all in quarantine together.

In Cole’s early years, his famous producer grandpa Milton Sperling, who was known for being honest and hardworking, had a big impact on his life.

Cole will always remember Milton for his work as a producer for big companies like 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. and for his willingness to take risks.

Cole talked about how his grandfather taught him the value of being honest and strong, which he has had since he was a child.

Cole’s maternal lineage goes back to the golden age of Hollywood. His great-grandfather, Harry Warner, co-founded Warner Bros Studios and had a huge impact on the film business.

Even though Harry started out as the owner of a bicycle shop, his vision and drive helped him start Warner Bros., which will forever be remembered in the annals of movie history.

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