Iconic status and being famous can be a lot of fun. It pays well, you get to go to nice events, and you meet powerful people. In addition, it means that a lot of people judge and criticise you.

Paris Hilton has known this for a long time but doesn’t remember it.

Online trolls have recently started saying mean things about her son Phoenix Barron. There was humour in the size of his head.

Because Paris is always sure of herself, she quickly stood up for her son and protected him.

Phoenix was born to Paris Hilton and her husband Carter Reum earlier this year through a surrogate. In addition to Carter’s daughter Evie from a previous relationship, this is their first child together. As new parents, they’ve been learning how to love and care for their child.

Paris posted an online picture of herself holding Phoenix while she and her family were in New York not long ago.


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But some people said mean things about Phoenix’s big head instead of nice things. Their comments included, “That baby has a big brain” and “I heard they made that baby in a lab, and she didn’t even carry it.” Others joined in and said even meaner things.

Paris said, “Some people are really mean” in response to the mean comments. My baby is in great health. He has been to the doctor, but not for anything serious. He just has a big brain.

She also said that her folks love her son a lot. She gets advice from her mum and sister Nicky Hilton a lot, and she’s thankful to have such a helpful family.

It just goes to show that mean things can happen to famous people like Paris Hilton online. However, kids should never be the subject of mean things. When Paris spoke out against the mean words, it showed how much she loves her son.

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