A woman who was 29 years old asked a unique question on Reddit about a problem she was having. The woman said that she and her husband had been together since college and that she loved him a lot before they talked about what had happened.

He had a daughter with her who was 5 years old. Things were going well until the 31-year-old guy took a paternity test. After the test results came back clean, he changed how he treated his wife and daughter.

The woman and her husband were both shocked when they saw the test results because she had never cheated on him. It stumped her why the test said the girl wasn’t his daughter.

“Our daughter has no other possible father.” We were married and trying hard to have a child. The woman said in her Reddit post, “I never cheated, and I never would cheat.” She had slept with two guys before she met her husband.

According to the Reddit user, her husband became distant after seeing the findings. Not as much as before, he talked to her less because he spent more time at work. The man also told her that he did the test because he was suspicious because his daughter had brown eyes and the couple had blue eyes.

Even though he wanted his wife to leave the house, the man soon cooled down and agreed to talk about it. The couple chose to do some tests to clear everything up after some talk. They had no idea that what they were about to do would lead them to another shocking truth.

What Would Happen After the Woman Had Some Tests?
The woman finally got her husband to agree that she should take some tests to show she wasn’t guilty. Afterward, the man said he wouldn’t kick her out of the house, but he would get angry if the tests showed she was cheating.

The woman, her husband, and her daughter took a blood DNA test as part of the tests she had planned. The results showed them something new. The results showed that they were not the real parents of their daughter. She said that finding out the truth about their daughter had flipped their whole world upside down.

“I have no idea how this happened, but the police came to our house and listened to what we had to say. We are now suing the hospital where I gave birth.”

When the woman thought about her biological daughter, she felt scared. Just thinking about where she would be scared her the most. What scared her the most was what would happen when she found her real daughter.

Because she was a protective mother, the woman didn’t want her 5-year-old daughter to find out that she wasn’t their kid. She thought it would ruin her childhood. The girl might also tell her teachers and friends, and then everyone would talk about her. This woman said, “I don’t know what I did to deserve this.”

After they found out the truth, what did the couple do?
A few weeks later, the woman wrote another post on Reddit to let people know what was going on. It got a lot of attention after a lot of YouTubers shared her story, she said before she shared the update.

“Our real daughter was found.” In her post, the mom said, “She was in foster care.” She said that a family had taken her daughter from the hospital, but when the police found out she wasn’t really their daughter, they took her away.

As a result, the girl lived with foster parents. She said it broke her heart for the family and she was glad her daughter was okay. Right away, the couple put in for adoption and sued the hospital for being careless. The woman said the deal gave her about $2 million.

The woman said, “We told our daughter that her sister is coming to stay with us and that we still love her very much.” Going to a new town to start over with their two girls was what she and her husband planned to do.

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