It’s clear that Madonna still wants very much to be the same stunningly beautiful woman she used to be. In order to do this, she does everything she can, such as surgeries, beauty treatments, editing, and using filters.

A lot of people have noticed that she is very focused on how she looks, and her life goal seems to be to stay young and beautiful forever. She doesn’t think twice about showing off her body in revealing lingerie, miniskirts, and other daring clothes.

Her age is showing, no matter how hard she tries to keep up that “perfect” image. Photos taken by reporters that haven’t been touched up show her real face, which has wrinkles and other flaws.

She was recently caught by reporters as she arrived at a party for her own book. They didn’t miss the chance to get the “right” picture.

Everyone was looking at her in that black jacket, fishnet tights, and spicy corset. Many people saw that her skin was loose and had deep lines. It became very clear that she looked very different in real life than on Instagram.

Many people said, in a funny way, that she was working hard to stay young. A granny who doesn’t want to get old!, “I slept for how long?,” It’s so unbelievable. Does this look like the same woman?, Truth vs. Social Media

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