Maria Andrejczyk, a 25-year-old javelin thrower, sold her gold to benefit 8-month-old Mioszek Maysa, who has severe cardiac problems. One of the sweetest Olympic moments.

After winning a silver medal at the Tokyo Summer Games, the 25-year-old stated on Facebook that she wanted to raise $190,000 for 8-month-old Polish kid Miloszek Maysa, who needed life-saving surgery in the US.
“Miloszek has a significant cardiac condition and requires surgery,” she wrote Aug. 11. “He has an advantage over Kubus, a youngster who didn’t make it in time but whose nice parents gave him the money they raised.”

She added, “In this way, I’d like to participate as well. He’s auctioning my Olympic silver medal.”
Andrejczyk’s kindness has impressed. Social media users called the athlete “a real-life heroine” for sacrificing her gold for a worthy cause.

The javelin thrower announced on Monday that Polish convenience retailer Zabka won the auction.
“We won the auction!” remarked the Olympian. “I received this wonderful information on Friday, and because You dears have already accomplished wonders, and the joint forces have contributed more than the initial medal to the Mi ooszka account, I decided to stop the auction so that our Mi oosz can receive the entire amount as soon as possible and fly to the United States.”

Andrejczyk praised the firm for their “everlasting thanks” and proudly presented them with her medal, “which for me is a symbol of struggle, faith, and the pursuit of ambitions despite significant hardships.”

“I hope it will serve as a symbol for you of the life we fought for together,” she wrote.

Zabka tweeted soon after that they want Andrejczyk to preserve her special hardware.

Our Olympian’s kind and honourable deed astonished us. Hence, we sponsored the Mioszek campaign,” the corporation tweeted.

“We’re staying with Maria in Tokyo!” We admire [Andrejczyk] and appreciate the chance to help.”

Maysa’s family is raising 1.5 million Polish zloty for her surgery on a fundraising page. Many European hospitals have rejected to operate on the infant due of its complexity.

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