Even though the King of Pop was very popular, a lot of his life was unknown. It’s possible that Michael Jackson’s marriages and family life with Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson, and BG Jackson are the most controversial parts of his wild life. Long-running theories have been stirred up again by Paris’s most recent acting job: is Michael Jackson the biological father of his children?

For decades, people have had different ideas about Michael Jackson’s relationships and who fathered his children. His daughter Paris Jackson’s part on the Amazon show “Swarm” has sparked new ideas. In an episode from March 2023, Haley, played by Paris Jackson, tells Andrea Green, the show’s main character, that she is black, which makes Andrea shocked. Haley then says that her dad is half-black, which a lot of people took as a jab at Halsey, the singer, who is known for being open about her mixed-race background.

Many people found it funny that Halsey was mentioned, since there is still a lot of talk about Paris Jackson’s race and who her father is. Debbie Rowe, Paris and Prince’s mother, has said in public that Michael Jackson is not their real father. In 2009, Rowe talked about her marriage to Jackson in an interview with a British tabloid. She said she was chemically inseminated by an unknown donor and gave Jackson parental rights.

Mark Lester, an actor, has also said that he is the real father of Paris and Prince Jackson. He says that he gave Michael Jackson his sperm before Rowe got pregnant. Even with these claims, there is still no solid proof that Jackson is the father of his children. A lot of people, like dermatologist Dr. Arne Klein and actor Macaulay Culkin, have been mentioned as possible dads.

Ultimately, there may never be a clear answer to the question of whether Michael Jackson is the biological father of his children. Prince Jackson, on the other hand, said that family is more than genes. Jackson raised his kids as if they were his own, no matter who their real parents were. He shaped their lives and identities. Genes may not be as important in the end as the love and care that bind a family together.

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