In A NEW Interview, Jada Pinkett Smith Tells All About Will Smith’s Gay Life

In the middle of a night full of laughs and cheers in Hollywood, lightning struck between Will Smith and Chris Rock during an unexpected thunderstorm. A seemingly normal action by Jada Pinkett Smith—a small roll of the eyes—set off a storm. Many people think it was this action that made Will Smith stand up for his beloved wife against a joke made by Chris Rock.

People in the room laughed when Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head, but not everyone thought it was funny. The rolling of Jada’s eyes looked like clouds gathering in the starry sky. Then, Will Smith clapped Chris Rock’s face with his hand, making the sound louder than the cheers.

A woman is blamed for the actions of a guy in an old story that was quickly brought to mind by the scene. The next morning, the news was full of stories about how Jada was the puppeteer and Will was the puppet that did what she said with a quiet eye roll. Some stories started to say that Will Smith was a perfect celebrity who lost it all because of one simple act from his wife, who some people called flawed.

The idea that a husband stood up for his wife isn’t new, but the way the story went viral and people all over the world talked about it. While Jada was out, she was judged by many. Some saw her as an unfaithful wife who had made her husband act out in public with just a roll of the eyes.

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