Older woman Jaclyn Smith posted pictures on Instagram. But she looks really young for her age. Her role as Kelly Garrett on Charlie’s Angels may be familiar to you.

The clothes in the shots are from her own line, JS for Nordstrom Rack. Her cardigan is soft and knit, and the sleeves are a little puffy. The colour is light cream.

In addition, she wore pretty gold jewellery and white pants. Gold necklaces, chokers, and pretty beads were around her neck. She wore some unique rings, bracelets, and earrings as well.

She did something nice with her hair too. To make her dark hair look even better, she dyed it honey and golden. The free, wavy curls she gave it look nice and casual.

She said that this V-neck cardigan is light and comfy, and that you can wear it by itself or over other clothes.

Another picture shows someone who liked 1970s fashion wearing a brownish jumper with big, puffy arms.

For a more laid-back look, they also wore dark gray-black pants that looked a little worn.

Their fancy rings with green emerald stones and gold hoops were added to their outfit by a person named Smith. They also wore their wedding rings and a special ring with a rock.

Within the caption, she talked about the jumper with the big arms. She told me it’s made of a soft, unique knit with a pretty design. She likes how girly and pretty it looks.

This well-known actor has already talked about how she stays young-looking. That one healthy drink called a “green smoothie” is the key, she said.

This woman has been married four times and is from Houston. The man she married 25 years ago is a heart doctor named Brad Allen. It was 1997 when they got married.

Anita has two children from her third marriage to Anthony B. Richmond, a movie producer.

Jaclyn Smith has two kids who are now adults. Like his dad, her 40-year-old son Gaston works as a photographer. Movies like Annabelle, The Kids Are All Right, and Chasing Mavericks may have used his work.

Parker Margaret, her daughter, is 36 years old. Her name is Fran Kranz and she is married to him.

Aside from being a great actor, Jaclyn is also a proud grandmother. The little girl she raised is six years old. In 2016, Spencer had a baby. In 2019, Gaston, her son, also had a baby. She has a daughter named Olivia Rose who is three years old.

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