A lot of things describe Jada Pinkett Smith. But until a few years ago, most people probably didn’t know that she had her own talk show called Red Table Talk. It wasn’t like most talk shows where people just come in, push their products, and leave. There were no fake people in this show; real people talked about real problems and showed real feelings.

If you give it a chance, it’s very strong…which could be tough since it was cancelled just now. Allow us to explain it to you. Please enjoy the movie and join our channel!

Oh honey, when I told you that this whole thing between Cardi B and Offset might have been PR stunt, many of you said it’s not possible. You’re wrong, girl. Now, explain to me why close sources say Cardi may have taken Offset back after he admitted to cheating, even though it seems clear that Offset did hook up with Jade. Why do people in the streets think Offset might have gotten another woman pregnant? What do you know? Let’s get this tea broken down right away.

When pictures of Offset and Jade together started going around, things between them got messy. It seems that the pictures of Cardi with Jade are what made her lash out at Offset on her Instagram live, where she said many mean things. There are people close to her who say that she really lost it because she saw those pictures of Jade and Offset together.

During her rant, Cardi said that Offset is rude, hasn’t been grateful for anything she’s done for him, and has been enjoying himself since releasing his record. Because he doesn’t take her seriously in person, she did it on the web. But Cardi made sure she didn’t say anything about Jade in her rant. According to people who know Cardi, she knew that Jade and Offset were dating, which is what made her respond so violently.

Jade, who had a rough time with Cardi in 2022, said she wasn’t at Offset’s party and laughed off the rumours. Investigators online, however, found proof that Jade was there, including videos from inside the party. Offset said he wasn’t partying with Jade because he had a private event and went to a public party somewhere else.

Offset showed security video to back up his claim, but some people didn’t believe it because they said no one walks into a place with a “sneaky link.” People saw Offset’s clothes in Jade’s social media posts from a hotel room, which made the rumours even stronger.

Some people think that Cardi and Offset’s breakup is just a publicity act because they are having trouble selling records. The video also talks about this idea. Some people think that they broke up to get more attention for their shows at the Fountain Blue Hotel in Miami for the New Year. The events for Cardi and Offset are set to happen in different parts of the hotel.

Reports say that Offset is doing everything he can to stay with Cardi, since she owns a big chunk of their wealth together. Cardi is said to have said she would take everything, even their two homes. There are even rumours that Offset may have made another woman pregnant, which has been said many times since 2020.

Cardi B’s past backing for Offset when there were rumours that he was cheating on her makes things more complicated. Fans can’t wait to see how this drama plays out and say what they think about Cardi B possibly taking Offset back. At the end of the video, it asks viewers to give their ideas on why Cardi went on her Instagram rant, whether Jade and Offset have been together the whole time, and whether they think Cardi and Offset could get back together.

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