Paris Jackson, 24, is Michael Jackson’s second child. Since her father died, she has had a hard time. Her singing job is now her main focus.

She has talked about her life with her “King of Pop” father, even though it has been hard. A lot of people know Michael Jackson and his songs.

He deserved to be called the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. Even though his life was hard, we love his songs.

Michael had problems with his family when he was young, especially when he was with the Jackson Five. His dad would punish the kids if they broke the rules.

Some people see Michael as a product because he was trained as a singer and entertainer from a very young age. Still, his dancing, music, and writing of songs are amazing.

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, the whole world was sad. The paparazzi and newspapers followed him all the way through his life, even when he was dying.

It took several planes to follow Michael Jackson’s body from the Los Angeles hospital after he died. Michael Jackson and his family are still talked about all over the world.

His kids and family are now the most important thing in his life. The Jacksons’ fame with the press makes things more difficult.

Paris Jackson is Michael’s second child. She has been famous since she was a child. She no longer wants to be known as Michael Jackson’s daughter. She wants to be known for who she is.

Paris’s mental health has been getting better after years of problems.

A girl named Paris Jackson was born in California on April 3, 1998. He has two kids, but this is his only daughter.

Paris and her brother were homeschooled and kept secret until sixth grade. Michael Jackson didn’t want their faces to be seen, so early pictures of them had them in costumes or hats.

They lived on the fancy but small Neverland Ranch. Paris and Naomi Campbell talked about Paris’s youth. She said that her dad, Michael Jackson, taught and brought them up.

“My dad did a great job of making sure we were well-educated and cultured, and not just seen the glitz and glam, like going from five-star hotel to five-star hotel,” Paris said. “Everything was there. There were third-world countries. Each and every spectrum was seen.

Paris Jackson went on many trips around the world as a child because her father, Michael Jackson, played for big crowds.

It was “rich” for her, but she learned early on not to feel privileged. I learned from my dad that you have to work hard to get what you want.

They had to read to get gifts even when they were kids. For Paris, it’s not about getting things easy, but about working hard and feeling like you’ve accomplished something. When she was 11, her father died.

In his home on June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson had a heart problem. He died even though he was taken to a nearby hospital. Michael Jackson’s will said that Katherine Jackson had to take care of Paris and her boys.

Paris was eleven years old. She spoke to the world for a short time at her dad’s TV wake. “Daddy has been the best dad ever since I was born,” she said. I really love him.”

Paris and her brothers, Prince Michael (12) and Prince Michael II (7), went to the funeral service that was shown on TV. This was the first time that people saw Michael Jackson’s children. In January 2010, they went back out in public to accept a Grammy Award for their dad.

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