News Take Out has learned that reality star Nicole Murphy is in shock after her longtime boyfriend Warren Braithwaight died of a quick and aggressive cancer.

Warren and Nicole have known each other for a long time, but they just started dating today. See Nicole brag about how she spent the New Year with Warren, who she calls “her man”?

Warren liked to spend a lot of money and spoil Nicole with trips, dinners, and gifts. He was told he had cancer five years ago. He fought the illness hard and thought he had beaten it and was now free of it.

The cancer came back, and this time it was worse than before. He didn’t have much time left on earth when he realised it was back.

People look up to Warren as a businessman. He ran a successful construction business and was friends with many famous people, such as Dr. Dre and Jamie Foxx.

Even though he got in trouble with the law a few times when he was younger, he fixed his life and was a very well-liked investor at the time of his death.

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