One more reason why you should never, ever pop your zits with something else—you could end up with a bloody, oozy bump that looks like a third lip that has been cut off. At least that’s what happened to a 23-year-old man who tried to pop a pimple with his woodworking knife and afterward got a rare fungus infection.

A study in the Journal of Emergency Medicine says that the man chose to pop a bothersome zit under his lip with his woodworking blade and started getting an ugly sore right there. The man ignored it for seven months (seven months!) before going to the hospital. By that time, the sore had grown to about the size of his lower lip.

We think it took the doctors a while to get over the fact that the man had to wait seven months to see a doctor. A study said that when they found a fungal illness called blastomycosis, they were confused. This infection is most common in wet soil, dead wood, and leaves around the Great Lakes. River valleys of the Ohio and Mississippi

The Centers for Disease Control say that most people get blastomycosis by “breathing in the microscopic fungal spores from the air.” According to medical reports, this is one of only 50 cases where the infection was spread through “cutaneous inoculation,” which means touching skin that has been hurt.

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