Angel Murphy, Eddie Murphy and Mel B’s daughter, is the newest famous person to say they are transgender. More and more teen children of famous people have been coming out as trans over the past few years.

Zion Wade, Dwyane Wade’s ex-son and now daughter, came out and changed her name to Zaya. Earlier this year, Marlon Wayans’s ex-daughter (now son) also came out as trans.

The time has come for Eddie’s daughter (or maybe now boy). Angel changed the name of her Instagram page from “she” to “he.”

Angel has also changed other things. After cutting off his long hair, which made him look a lot more girly, he now has a haircut that men usually wear. Here’s what Angel used to look like so you can see how much she has changed:

The tabloids wrote a lot about Mel B when she was dating the Hollywood star Eddie Murphy. Murphy is the father of Mel B’s second child, 16-year-old Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

Early in December 2006, Mel B and Murphy broke up. A reporter asked Murphy about the father of Mel B’s unborn child, saying that it could not be proven until a paternity test was done.The next year, a DNA test ordered by the court proved that Murphy was the father of the child. Murphy admitted that he was the father and said that he and Mel B had agreed to pay $7 million to settle the matter. Eddie has been giving Angel child support ever since.

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