People are making fun of Jaden Smith’s weird face in his most recent picture with girlfriend Sab Zada online. Look at this.

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People make fun of Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith for the way he looks in the viral picture of him with his girlfriend. (Image Source: Instagram)

People are making fun of Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, for looking distant in a recent picture with his lover. Like both of his parents, Jaden is very skilled. He can act and rap. He and his sister Willow even have their own clothes line. The fact that Jaden was born to famous parents has put him in a lot of press. When it got too much, he was the subject of an online death hoax. Social media is going crazy over his new picture with his girlfriend, Sab Zada, and people are having a great time talking on it.

It is said that Jaden and Sab have been dating since 2020. A few months ago, more pictures of the pair went viral on social media. It looks like the rapper is dating her seriously. In 2022, he got a lot of flak for attacking his peers in an old video that came out again. He talked about his unusual childhood as the child of famous people and how being around adults as a child changed the way he thought about politics and world problems. Some of his friends were making fun of him for being too self-centered on social media.

Jaden Smith has come a long way. While his haters are making fun of him, his fans are happy about the new picture of him because it shows healthy. A picture of Smith and his girlfriend, Sab Zada, with dreadlocks and a black vest on is seen. On the other hand, his lady showed off her curvy body in a skimpy golden bikini top and an orange sarong around her waist. The picture of Smith’s girlfriend makes her look happy and smile, while he looks lost, which caught the attention of internet users.

When someone saw how focused Jaden Smith looked, they wrote on X, “He looks dead inside ngl.”

Someone else said, “Is bro even there lol.”

Someone else wrote, “I bet Will is jealous.”

A fourth one said, “Bruh, thinking about how to fix the world’s economic problems.”

Someone else said, “He always looks like he’s thinking about how complicated life is.”

“His mom is still going to make this about Tupac,” someone else said.

Someone asked, “Why does bro look lost?”

I also said, “They both look like stoners.”

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