Chrisean Rock finally “breaks the silence” on Cardi B’s claims that she cheated on Offset.

There were rumors about her relationship, and now Cardi B has come out to calm the fears of her millions of fans.

The woman has said that she is now single. At the start of this scandal, Blackface sent out a bunch of tweets in which he insulted everyone, even his baby mama Chrisean Rock. Bleeface showed off his baby mama cheating on him with rapper Offset in LA in one of the tweets.

This claim caused a stir on social media, but no one believed him until Cardi B confirmed that she was single, which proved that Blackface’s tweet was real. We all know that the situation is more than it seems. What’s wrong with Cardi B and Offset’s marriage? Chrisean Rock has an amazing date where she talks about the recent scandal involving her and Cardi B’s ex-boyfriend Offset. As she talks about Blackface’s cheating claims, things are about to get heated, leaving fans on the edge of their seats!

Cardi B’s shocking news about her breakup with Offset shocked everyone, and now Chrisean is telling her side of the story. Did the claims of cheating cause them to break up? It gets more dramatic when Chrisean breaks her silence and responds to Blackface’s dramatic comments. Let’s look into the scandal in more depth, from the star-studded party pictures to Offset’s denial and Chrissean’s vicious response.

As Chrisean takes off the famous tattoo of Blackface and introduces a new man named Kevin, the story thickens. Is this the end of the story, or is there more drama to come? It looks like Blackface and Chrisean Rock are once again in the middle of some trouble.

As always, things are moving quickly, and it’s not clear what the truth is because different stories are coming in.

TMZ says that What neither Blee nor Rock doesn’t seem to care about is that they ran into each other again this morning.

Before that, Rock was said to have shown ωp in Blϲe’s garage, where they went on Instagram Live together. But people have different ideas about why she was there and what happened next.

Chrisean says that Bryan invited her over and she went in the hopes that he could help her with babysitting duties for their young son. After that, Chrisean says that Blackface attacked her and even pranked her while she was holding their babyn.

She said she was going to leave his driveway after what she said happened. She stopped what she was doing and went live on Instagram to tell her side of the story. She said she was waiting for the police to come. It was said that the texts between them showed she had been invited over. Here are some clips from her Live.

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