Jaguar Wright on the Mary J. Blidge “You’re a HOODRAT who suckered people better than you!” – I understand how Jaguar feels, but…

As sad news spreads about the death of founding member of The Roots Malik B, more bad news is coming from the Soulquarian camp. Jaguar Wright, who is from Philadelphia, makes some serious accusations about how The Roots handled Malik B’s terminal cancer diagnosis and Wright’s own claim that she was by famous rapper, actor, and fellow Soulquarian Common.

Artist Jaguar Wright Singer She says that Mary J. Blige is a secret lesbian: “And if I’m lying, sue me!”

Last month, Philadelphia singer Jaguar Wright made news when she said Black Thought used ghostwriters and that Common sex assaulted her while she was trying to sleep.

Since then, she’s kept making shocking claims about famous singers and people in the music business, especially Neo-Soul artists. For example, she said she could tell Summer Walker has been sexually assaulted before… She now wants to get together with Mary J. Blige.

On September 23, Jaguar went on an Instagram rant against the Grammy-winning artist, calling her a “fraud” who faked her marriage to Kendu Isaacs and saying that the R&B star is an out lesbian.

“This country was built on free speech! Say what you think! “Just know that the video my friend has of @therealmaryjblige eating her out is real!” she wrote in response to a comment on Instagram.

“That b*tch is a total liar! She was married to @kendu_isaacs against her will! Could it be that @therealmaryjblige’s girlfriend liked her husband more?! What the heck! I told you all… Everyone has tapes on them!”

Wright put a picture of her response on her page and captioned it, “Like I Said… I have tapes on er’body!” I dealt shit for a long time before I turned back to Christ, but “leverage is leverage and revenge is a dish best served cold!”

It’s not clear what made Jaguar mad at Mary J, but she had invited Mary to a Verzuz battle hours before.

“I’m announcing that I will do a vs challenge with the one and only #MARYJBLIGE. I will sing you to sleep! Her post said, “On my dead son I’ll sing that a** into a long nap!”

That wasn’t the end of Jaguar Wright’s rant against the Queen of Hip-Hop soul.

She also went on Instagram Live and challenged MJB to another Verzuz fight. After that, she questioned her talent and accused her again of hiding her s3x life.

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