Chris Brown has told some SHOCKING truths about the music business and what Diddy has been doing for the past 20 years. We know the man has a bad reputation, but even by his own standards, this is crazy. Chris has said that Diddy and the music business have been forcing artists to become gay, and other people have confirmed the rumours!

Watch the video below:

After Chris Brown’s long-awaited new album, Breezy, came out, the Virginia-born singer-songwriter sat down with the guys of Drink Champs to talk about his new record and some personal stories about his life in the music business.

The “Iffy” singer said that Diddy almost had him sign with Bad Boy Records, but he didn’t. “I’m gonna keep it 100. At this point, I was about 12 years old. Before I linked to Def Jam. It was me and TJ, the son of one of my production managers. I still consider him my brother. “He and I were like a group,” Brown said.

After he said the group had no name, N.O.R.E., host of Drink Champs, joked, “This is why he didn’t sign y’all.”

However, N.O.R.E. did not give any more specifics when he said, “If you danced, he definitely would’ve signed you.”

Brown did say, “Now it’s love.” “That’s my brother now, that’s family.”

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Brown said in a different appearance that he thinks R&B is “obsolete” now that hip-hop is so popular, which is a controversial view that has sparked a lot of discussion.

He told Gillie Da Kid and Wallo on their Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, “It’s outdated because it was primary. Like, you used to listen to the radio and they had an R&B day.” “I don’t mean to take anything away, but Hip-Hop has been killing it.” Ni**as can’t say bad things about Hip-Hop. I love it because I’m a part of it. I don’t want to sound stupid, but I don’t think there’s any more talent in that kind of showmanship. Let all the Hip-Hop be heard. For a lot of R&B artists, they have to act shy or like they’re emo, and if they’re not, they’ll be given the neo-soul group. That doesn’t seem right to me. But I think there aren’t enough strong men who can sing.

It’s not clear if he’ll talk more about that on Drink Champs, but the full peek is below. On Friday (June 24), his whole episode will be available to watch on all services.

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