Let’s watch this movie to learn how 50 Cent makes fun of famous people.

50 Cent says he’s not a spy.

50 went on Rap Radar’s Cigar Talk on Monday (Feb. 17) to talk about his new business projects. During the show, the “snitch” claims that Ja Rule has made against Fif since the beginning of their long-running feud came up. While talking about what to expect in one of the new Power spinoffs, Powerbook III: 50 brought up Kanan and linked the conversation to the claims, saying that it’s all cap.

“Raising Kanan is coming in 1989 and 1990. That was the Golden Age. During that time, niggas get hit and say, “Give me my time.” I don’t care what you’re talking about. They’re not telling on anyone!” 50 about what to expect from the story that’s coming out soon. “Because if you tell, you won’t even enjoy going home.” Where are you going when you leave? The neighborhood won’t stand for that! “You thief, we heard you’re a rat!” Do you understand what I mean? These are the things they say when they want to show me their anger.

50 then asked if he was really a tell-all or snitch and why he was being called a bully.

“They are trying to hurt my character.” “He a rat” or “He this, this, and that” is what they’ll say. You only need to ask them, “Who did I tell?” Fif also said, “I’ve never told on no nigga in my life.” In this case—look at his case. You’ll find out who told on him. That’s not my name. Do you get what I mean? The reason they used against me was that I needed an order of protection. But why do I feel like the bully here? YOU needed to be protected, nigga. And your defense is gone! That is the truth! If niggas want to make something look good, they will change it. Then, when they get into a fight with a younger artist, they use something that someone else used against you. They then go back and say, “Oh, you this!”

He also said that it didn’t bother him when Meek Mill and French Montana used the claims against him in their most recent fights because they didn’t know any better.

50 said, “You heard it when Meek was talking shit and when French was talking shit, and it’s like, I don’t mind when they do it because I know what they’re doing.” “I was offended where it began, and you never see—let Jimmy Henchman tell you I’m a spy.” I’m a spy, let Preme tell you that. Say it one time. Jimmy has been telling lies since 1942!”

It was said by TMZ that law enforcement sources confirmed that the papers French used to “prove” 50 was a spy were fake.

Before changing the subject, 50 said that the alcohol makes him talk more. Then he made one more note.

“Look over the papers. Jimmy is a rat.

You can see the whole chat with 50 Cent below. The talk with Ja Rule starts around 19 minutes in.

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