Marcia Hines “collapses in the dressing room” and is taken to the hospital right away; her Australian Idol appearance is canceled: “She fell”

Marcia Hines was taken to the hospital right away because of a “medical emergency.”

The 70-year-old Australian Idol judge fell and hurt her head in her dressing room on the set of the TV show on Sunday.

The Daily Mail Australia has been told this. Hines was “set to perform” on the show before she passed out. An ambulance took her to the hospital.

The Daily Mail Australia has learned that Hines is “in a stable condition now” and that her fall was probably caused by her diabetes.

She is not going to be on Australian Idol tonight, so Guy Sebastian is taking her place as a judge.

Hines wrote something on her Instagram page late Sunday night.

“I’m really sorry I can’t be with you all tonight.” After a few days of hard work, I was feeling a little under the weather. She wrote, “I’m taking a break now so I can be back with you all tomorrow night.”

Along with Amy Shark and Kyle Sandilands, Hines is a judge on the singing show.

Roger-Lee Coulter, the show’s host, told fans that Hines would not be on the show at the beginning of Sunday’s episode.

“You must have seen that we are missing a very important and beloved member of the Idol family.” She said, “Unfortunately Marcia is sick and can’t join us tonight.”

Sandilands then spoke up and said, “Sorry, sorry.” That really plays it down. An ambulance took her out of here.

“Just so everyone knows.” She’s okay. She’s fine. She didn’t just call with a headache, though. She fell.

Hines has had Type 1 diabetes for almost 40 years.

She told Now To Love in 2017: “Before I was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes, my health and body felt great, but I wasn’t eating right.”

It was me missing meals. Some days I didn’t eat. I lost a huge amount of weight. Without being rude, I was always thirsty and going to the bathroom like a pregnant woman!

After a dental treatment that wouldn’t heal, Hines was diagnosed.

While she wasn’t sick, she said, “I had surgery on one of my teeth and it wouldn’t heal—it kept throbbing for days.”

It was when I went to the doctor that I learned I have diabetes.

Hines said she takes insulin shots to control her diabetes and says, “I could have a lot worse things than just diabetes.”

When she went to the opening night of West Side Story on Sydney Harbor on Friday, the actress looked like she was in good health.

When Marcia wore pink, she chose a pastel jacket and pants with a pop art graphic print that matched. She looked nice and bright.

Hines had said before that she was excited to be back on the Australian Idol judges panel in 2024.

She served as a judge on the singing competition for the first seven seasons, and now she’s back at the table.

“I was shocked and happy because I love that gig so much.” She told the Daily Telegraph, “I don’t know if people knew how much it meant to me.”

‘Why? “Because they just want to sing, like me, and make a living singing,” the pop star said.

The American-Australian star says that Australian Idol helped her get her career back on track.

“The comeback began with Idol, and after that I stayed in people’s minds as a presence that wasn’t too big or too small,” she said.

Hines was one of the first judges on Down Under Idol when it first aired in 2003.

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