Justin Bieber all of a sudden said that he dated Jaden Smith while he was gay.

On social networks, Justin Bieber told Jaden Smith, “I thought I was your boyfriend.”

Popular Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith made a big deal in November when he said on stage that Tyler, the Creator, a male rapper, was his boyfriend. This made people wonder if Jaden was telling the truth. joke. As for Tyler, he laughed when Jaden said that.

In a later talk with Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio, Jaden Smith confirmed what he had said: “I recently said that Tyler, the Creator is my boyfriend, and that’s right.”

Jaden Smith has said many times that Tyler, the Creator is his boyfriend, but a lot of his fans think he’s kidding.

And just lately, Justin Bieber joined in the fun. When he commented on Jaden Smith’s Instagram post, he wrote something that fans found interesting: “I thought I was your boyfriend.” Next, the “Karate Kid” star told Justin, “I know I’m your boyfriend.”

Justin Bieber told Jaden Smith out of the blue, “I thought I was your boyfriend.”

For a long time, these two male stars have been good friends.

This singer’s comment about “being Jaden Smith’s boyfriend” shocked people because Justin Bieber had just married Hailey Baldwin in court in September. A lot of news sites, like Daily Mail and E! News, say that Justin Bieber was just kidding with his best friend.

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