Australian author Ethan Modboy Bramble is one of the best known in the country. You can’t miss him on the street; he’s 24 years old. People are pulled to him even if they don’t care about him because he has a split tongue, changed ears, black eyes, enlarged nostrils, a sewn-in navel, and tattoos on 95% of his body.

The young man seemed to want to change his body in every way possible. He probably had a lot of ideas because plastic surgery today gives people a lot of choices. The birth of their daughter changed Ethan’s view of the world all of a sudden.

When the heiress showed up, she woke up the writer and made him take a better look at himself. It would cost him a lot of money and hurt him a lot, but he was determined to do everything that had to be done to get his body back to how it was before.


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He is now going to the same tattoo artists over and over, but more and more light spots are showing up on his body each time. Maybe when the daughter is older, the proud dad will be able to use a picture to show the baby how strange he looked before.

What do you think about what this dad did out of love? Do you believe he made the best decision for his daughter?

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