A close friend of Rihanna once talked about what she liked about having s*x with Chris Brown in an interview. Keep reading.

Rihanna is now a mother of one child and is expecting another. She used to be in a sexy relationship with Chris Brown. We trust Rihanna when it comes to bedroom tricks and having a fun s*x life. One of the singer’s close friends told us about her s*x life with Chris Brown, and now we can’t stop picturing the two of them together.

RiRi is a singer, but she also runs her own businesses with the Savage Fenty and Fenty Beauty brands. She is currently pregnant with her second child with her partner, A$AP Rocky. She often gets headlines when she shows off her baby bump. But would you want to read about her s*x life with Brown, her ex-boyfriend and rapper? Keep scrolling.

There is a long history of Chris Brown being better in bed than other guys. Rihanna knew this and thought he was great at it. There was a close friend of the singer who told HollywoodLife, “She already knew that he had s*x when he was young.” He was a beast in bed, and she and him had what they had.

The person also said in the same interview that Rihanna loved having s*x with Chris Brown and that their hookups were very interesting when they were dating, but that the relationship didn’t last long. A source said, “She loved his s*x.” It’s too bad he wasn’t a beast when it came to feeling safe.

If you don’t know, Chris Brown once said that losing his virginity when he was eight years old made him the best in bed. In an interview with The Guardian, he talked about it and said, “We were already ready to go, you know what I mean?” It was okay to talk to them, just like with girls. I wasn’t scared. Being able to do it at age eight gets you ready for the long run, so you can be great at it. You can do it better than anyone else.

Chris Brown, it’s too bad that Rihanna didn’t get more than just good s*x. That is, only if you could turn into a “beast being emotionally secure.”

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