It looks like the threats that Katt Williams has been getting from people in the entertainment business have NOTHING stopped him or slowed him down. He is still out there getting dirty on celebrities and showing some really creepy things. This time, he says he has video of Steve Harvey supposedly getting into a fight with Diddy.

Do you know that rumours have been going around that Steve Harvey sold Lori to Diddy? Katt says that Steve may have been up to something to get close to Diddy for some interesting reasons. The internet is on fire because of what Katt said, so let’s break this down.

When it comes to celebrity scandals and sensationalism, the recent leak of “freakoff” footage supposedly showing Diddy and Steve Harvey has caused the most interest and debate. The footage was reportedly made by comedian Katt Williams.

People in the entertainment industry are shocked by the secret tapes, which are said to show private moments between the two powerful people. Fans and critics alike are demanding answers.

Katt Williams, who is known for his outspoken sense of humour and tendency to stir up trouble, released the controversial video on purpose to show the dirty truths that lie beneath the surface of fame and success.

In a number of interviews and social media posts, Williams hinted that the tapes existed, implying that they held scandalous information that led to a lot of speculation.

But what’s really going on with this scandal? According to Williams, the “freakoff” footage gives us a look into the private lives of two of Hollywood’s most important people, revealing their hidden wants and transgressions.Even with all the sexy rumours and scandal-mongering, there are still questions about whether or not the videos are real and why they were made public.

His friends are happy that he has a star on the Walk of Fame.

Although the controversy is still going on, both Diddy and Steve Harvey haven’t said anything about the supposed video. Instead, they’ve kept a respectful silence as rumours grow.

Still, the rumours keep going because people are excited about the possibility of seeing the honest truth behind the carefully curated pictures of success and glamour.

Even with all the chaos and confusion, one thing is clear: Katt Williams’ decision to leak the “freakoff” footage has caused a huge amount of scandal and interest, forcing people to face uncomfortable truths about fame and power.

But now that the dust has settled on this new scandal and shock in Hollywood, it’s hard not to wonder what other secrets are hiding in the dark, waiting to be found.

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