Many people who wanted to adopt a three-year-old Indian girl turned her down because she didn’t have a nose. Finally, she has found a new home.

Kristen Williams, 44, from Cincinnati, adopted little Draga after a number of people looked at her because bugs had eaten off her nose when she was left at birth.

Now, BŲt DŅrga and her eight-year-old sister MŲnni have moved to Ohio to start a new life. Kristen also adopted MŲnni from India in 2012.

Kristen Williams, an Ohio teacher, took in little DŲrga after she was left at work and bugs started eating her nose.

She told them, “When I look at my girls, I’m so happy.” I planned to adopt a child, but this journey has shown me so much more.

“I love my girls so much.” I can’t wait to start our lives together because they are my world. It makes me happy to call them my family.

Kristen began her journey to adopt in Nepal in 2010, but she is still single because she hasn’t met the right man. But the US suddenly stopped all adoptions with the country the next year.

After Kristen was introduced to India, she met little Mnni right away. She had been in an orphanage since 2009 and was very upset.

When she looked at the names of children up for adoption on her computer screen from an agency, she said, “There were just so many.”

“It broke my heart to see how many Indian girls need a loving home.” But all of a sudden I felt sorry for this little girl.

“Her name was M^�nni, and she was only five years old.” I have no idea what brought us together, but we did. I just found out she was my daughter, and I knew we had to be together. That’s how it all began.

DŲrga was left behind when she was born, and many parents have turned her down since then because she is deformed.

Kristen has said she will be taking some time off work to help Draga and Mari move into their new houses.

Kim went through a lot of paperwork and steps to adopt Mini over the next two years, but she never gave up.

She also said, “I knew I wanted Mʉnni in my life, so I did everything I could to make it happen.” “I wasn’t going to give up on her no matter how long it took.”

In fact, Kristen met Mnni for the first time in December 2012.

She learned that Mnni had a horseshoe-shaped scar on her forehead, but no one could explain how it got there. Michelle was quiet and distant, but Kristen loved her very much.

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