The old school R&B star talked to Apple Music about his new record and Super Bowl show.

Earlier this year, Usher named his smallest son Sire, just like 50 Cent did. He also wants to build a career outside of music like the G-Unit mogul has in TV and movies.

The R&B superstar met with Apple Music’s Nadeska Alexis in Las Vegas on Thursday (Feb. 8) to talk about his future and how he plans to stay a “standard” for greatness while using his success in the music business to launch other big projects. This weekend, he will perform at the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show.

“I push myself because I can.” I want to do well. “I want to set standards,” he said in court. “I want my passion to show that I am a stand-up person.” How much I love music and being creative. And instead of turning into something artistic through the videos we make or the stories in the songs that then turn into something else, like a TV show.”

Even though Usher and 50 have never worked together, Fif’s work in the digital space has still inspired the “Caught Up” singer.

“Take a look at 50 Cent. He makes Power.” U-Sheer said, “You heard the music first, then you saw the pictures.” “I hope to be able to do that more with the brands I’ve made with the songs.” How to make money while also giving people a mental escape is the question. You connect with a song when you hear it. It helps you deal with your emotions. All of those things make it more than just music. The most important thing is that it’s a link.

Before his Super Bowl performance, Usher was on the cover of the latest issue of Billboard. In it, he talked about how the merchandise market for R&B singers needs to be changed so they can make as much money as possible.

He said, “It’s about making business possible in other places.” It’s a good R&B event called Lovers & Friends, where Usher will play the whole of Confessions in May. It’s a place to celebrate the songs that we make.

“We need things that you think of when you hear R&B that you can get behind.” Like hip-hop, glasses, clothes, cars, jewelry, shoes, and other things that people can get. Those are things that R&B needs and could have as well.

Wed., Feb. 9, Usher’s ninth studio record, Coming Home, will be out. This is just before he performs at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. It has 20 songs with a lot of big names on it: Latto, Burna Boy, 21 Savage, The-Dream, H.E.R., Summer Walker, and Jung Kook from BTS.

I spent a lot of time and thought making sure this was put together well. Something that made me think of the next part of my life. “It’s the next frontier, the next chapter of my legacy,” the “Love in This Club” singer told Club Shay Shay about the record not long ago.

You can watch the whole Apple Music chat with Usher below. Around 35:15, 50 Cent starts to talk.

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