After a few bad experiences, Pauley Perrette quit her job as a detective on “NCIS” and turned her attention to comedy and charity work, especially helping people and animals in need.

Even though Perrette had a long and successful career in many areas, her story almost came to a tragic end a year ago when she had what she called a “massive” stroke, which she shared honestly on social media.

Pauley Perrette played Abby Sciuto on “NCIS” for 15 seasons, which is a long time. However, her exit from the show was surrounded by controversy.

In 2017, Perrette said she was leaving “NCIS,” blaming several physical altercations that had made her relationship with co-star Mark Harmon more difficult after a dog bite incident on set.

Perrette wrote a touching goodbye message on Twitter to her character Abby, whom she played for 16 years. She thanked her for everything she did for the part and how it affected her and her fans.

Perrette was deeply affected by leaving a role she had played for more than ten years. She said she felt very sad when she thought about a world without Abby.

Even though she said she didn’t want to go back to “NCIS” and that Harmon made her feel uncomfortable, the show’s boss, Steven D. Binder, suggested that Perrette’s legacy might be recognized in future seasons.

When Perrette thought back on her time on “NCIS,” she was very thankful for the chance to work on the show and said that it had helped her heal and improve her life.

Perrette has decided not to think about the problems that led to her leaving the show, but she is still grateful for the chance to play Abby and the good things that it did for her.

Perrette was very emotional when she had to leave “NCIS” after 15 years. She said she cried every day on her way to and from work as the end of her time there came.

A very sad Pauley Perrette couldn’t stand the thought of a world without her famous character Abby. She talked about how Abby has made science more interesting to young women and praised her character’s ability to make STEM fields fun and easy to understand.

Even though Perrette had to leave “NCIS,” the ties she made on set helped her feel better. She went back to CBS with the comedy show “Broke,” where she talked about how much she loved her co-star Michael Weatherly and how thankful she was that the network had helped her throughout her career.

In addition to her talent, Perrette was dedicated to helping others. In order to encourage more women to go into STEM areas in the future, she set up scholarships for female students studying criminal justice.

Perrette’s love for animals led her to support many animal issues in addition to her work for education. Her love for animals was clear on and off screen; in “NCIS,” her character often interacted with animals.

Perrette had a major health scare while continuing her work as a TV comedian when she had a massive stroke. She talked about the experience and stressed how important it is to know the signs of a stroke and get medical help right away.

After a year, Perrette is thankful that she is better and wants to spread the word that anyone can have a stroke. She tells everyone to learn about the signs of a stroke and how quickly they should get medical help.

Perrette has had some problems in her personal life, even though she has been successful at work. After a rough marriage and split from musician Coyote Shivers, she went through a few other relationships before deciding to be independent and not look for a new boyfriend.

Throughout her journey, Perrette stays strong and determined to live her life on her own terms, putting her own happiness and health ahead of what other people expect of her.

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