Reality TV star Tammy Slaton used to weigh 317 kg, but after bariatric surgery last year, she lost almost 140 kg.

Reality TV star Tammy Slaton from the US has been seen in pictures after she lost 136 kg.

Last Thursday in Indiana, the 1000-Lb Sisters star was seen at a gas stop before going grocery shopping.

Page Six says that at one point, she was seen walking without any kind of stroller or walking aid, just with the oxygen tube in her nose.

Yes, she did take a break. In the store and in the parking lot, she used one of the grocery store’s mobility bikes.

She also used a rolling chair at other points in the trip.

She wore a dark gray long-sleeved knit T-shirt rolled up to her arms, black yoga pants that were too big on her, and blue-and-white patterned slippers.

The reality TV star, who used to weigh more than 317 kg, lost almost 136 kg after having surgery last year, according to The US Sun.

The hit show followed Slaton’s weight loss journey when she went to a food rehab center in Ohio during the most recent season.

For the weight loss procedure to work, she had to lose more than 67 kg to hit her goal weight of 250 kg.

The reality star reached a big goal in the most recent show and got praise for the surgery that saved her life.

“I’m happy, proud, excited, and everything else I can think of.” I showed everyone they were wrong. I finally got mine, everyone who didn’t believe me! “My “I told you so!” moment!” she said on a show on February 7.

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