The mother gave birth to a child who had two heads, three hands, and two hearts because of a rare medical condition.Doctors first told Shaheen Khan of Ratlam, India, that she was going to have twins during an ultrasound.
It was shocking news for medical professionals when they found out she was pregnant with two children whose bodies were joined together at the middle.

According to reports, the babies have a very uncommon condition called dicephalic parapagυs. People usually think of this condition as fatal because it starts in the womb and often ends in death.

Healthcare professionals have said that they are not planning to use medication because the child is still alive after the initial phase.

The amazing baby was cared for at an orphanage in the nearby city of Indore, while the mother continues her care in Ratlam.

It’s still not clear whether the newborn is being treated as conjoined twins or as an anomaly. This is made worse by the fact that people are still arguing and guessing about what this anomaly is.

In response to this strange case, Dr. Lahoti, who is treating the child, said, “Instances like these are very, very rare, and the course of the babies’ condition, especially in the past few days, remains uncertain.” Because of this, we have chosen an observation that will be closely watched.”

The medical team hasn’t come up with any plans for what to do with the patient.

In a similar event from the past year, a pair of conjoined twins were separated by an amazing 16-hour surgery by a skilled medical team. This high-take operation, which involved 25 medical professionals (10 surgeons), showed how good modern medicine is.

Dr. Lahoti, who is treating Khan’s child, said, “These kinds of cases are rare, and babies’ conditions remain uncertain, especially these days.”Notable News / SWNS

Noor ʉl Owase Jeelani, who led the operation at Great Ormond Street, said, “They still see themselves as one person. It’s hard for them to remember being that connected to someone.”

This story was first published on the Sun and was copied here with permission.

Doctors were shocked by the baby’s x-ray.

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