During her legal fights with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard has found comfort in Spain, where she lives with her one-year-old daughter Oonagh Paige Heard in Palma de Mallorca. Bianca Butti, a writer, director, and cinematographer from Hollywood, is joining her. Like Heard, she wants to live outside of the United States.

Since Depp won the defamation claim a few months ago, he has been busy with different projects around the world. At the same time, Heard has chosen to live alone in Spain, away from the public eye so she can focus on her daughter and enjoy life without Depp’s impact.

Heard is having trouble with money because the decision in favor of Depp cost him $8.3 million. Even though she asked the judge to lower or cancel the amount she owed, he turned down her first request. Heard’s lawyers pointed out problems with the way the jury was chosen in an effort to overturn the decision.

Heard is hiding out in Spain, and she seems to be loving the peace and quiet since she doesn’t have any important plans. Spending her days in the country that borders the Mediterranean with her daughter and her friend Butti, who has directed a few movies, is what she does for fun.

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” and “In the Fire,” which is currently in post-production, are two Hollywood movies that Heard has worked on recently. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp is still doing very well in the business. He has parts coming up in a new Netflix movie called “La Favorite,” the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, and “Fantastic Beasts 3.”

Even though they had a rough past, both Heard and Depp seem to be doing well on their own. Depp is especially having a good run since his legal victory.

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