The story of Arya Permana is one of amazing change. Once called the “world’s fattest kid” because he weighed an unbelievable 421 pounds, this Indonesian teenager has surpassed expectations by working hard and being determined.

Arya had a hard time as a child because he was too heavy. He started eating five big meals a day, which were enough for two people. He got out of breath doing simple things like walking, and he couldn’t go to school anymore. Due to a lack of clothes, he had to wear a sarong for long amounts of time. A amazing journey began with a choice to change everything. Ade Rai, Arya’s trainer, helped him set out on a goal to get his health back. He learned about a healthy diet and an organised exercise plan from Ade.

Arya is now a sign of hope and courage. He has lost a huge amount of weight and now weighs only 183 pounds. People of all ages can relate to his story, which shows that losing weight is possible with hard work. A common thought that shows how powerful his change is is “Even Arya can do it, so why can’t I?”

Arya’s success comes from three things: a strict exercise plan, a healthy diet, and getting the medical care she needs. Ade Somantri, his father, stresses how important all three are to his son’s journey. Arya can now play sports and walk to school with his friends. Before, he couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes. His unwavering drive is shown by his newfound freedom and mobility.

Arya’s story is a strong lesson that if you work hard, you can achieve anything. What do you want to achieve? Do you have an interesting story to tell? Let us know about it!

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