Cole Brings Plenty, Mo Brings Plenty’s nephew, was found dead at age 27. He had been reported missing a few days before.

On Friday, April 5, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office in Kansas said that the police had been called about an empty car. When officers checked the car, they found a dead man who was later identified as Cole.

According to a statement from the Sheriff’s Office, the cause of death is unknown and the case is being looked into.

His uncle said Cole hadn’t been seen since Easter Sunday. According to an Instagram post by the 54-year-old actor, Cole had his phone off and “missed an appointment with his agent for a TV show, which is unlike him.”

“ColeBringsPlenty drives a white Ford Explorer,” Mo wrote on Instagram on April 2, “last seen March 31st leaving the Lawrence area.”

Cole’s agent also stated that the young actor didn’t show up for his audition, which made his uncle suspicious.

“He had a Zoom audition for a part in a new movie project set for Monday morning,” he told The New York Post on Tuesday. “We talked about the details Thursday afternoon, and he was excited about it,” I called Cole’s boss when he didn’t show up on Zoom.

The Lawrence Police Department also put out an affidavit for Cole’s arrest in connection with a domestic violence event on Sunday, March 31. Mo was also looking for his nephew. A press statement says that someone called to say that an unnamed woman was yelling at an apartment in Lawrence. Cole drove off in his car before police could get to the scene.

At the time, cops said, “We’ve identified [Cole] as the suspect. We have probable cause to arrest him and have sent an alert to all relevant agencies in the area.”

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