Nicole Kidman, the famous 56-year-old actor, recently made news with what she wore to the premiere of her new show Expats on Prime Video. Kidman, who became famous for her role in Days of Thunder, turned heads in an Atelier Versace black gown that was sleek and fitted. The striking outfit had a risky backless style, a high slit, and plenty of skin on each side to show off her body.

Kidman completed her outfit perfectly with Roberto Coin’s shimmering silver jewelry, rose-colored makeup, and hair that fell loosely around her shoulders. As pictures of Kidman in her Versace dress went viral online, people had a range of responses. Some praised her fashion choice, while others were critical.

Concerns were made about Kidman’s looks. On social media, people said things like they were disappointed in her choice and looked closely at her body and how elegant they thought she looked. Other than the negative comments, some people praised Kidman’s sense of style and said the dress was one of the most beautiful things they’d seen in a while.

Even with all the talk online, Kidman has been seen as a fashion icon in the showbiz world for a long time. Her mother, Janelle, and grandma, who could sew, embroider, and knit, taught her a lot about fashion, which she is very grateful for. Kidman talks fondly about her childhood and how being around fashion-forward women sparked a similar interest in her.

Kidman has talked about her love of fashion and how much she enjoys getting her mother involved in getting ready for events in interviews. When it comes to fashion, she likes basic styles with a modern twist and isn’t afraid to wear something edgy. Kidman also thinks she’s lucky in the fashion business because she became friends with designers when she first moved to the U.S.

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