Usher and Justin Timberlake have been compared to each other for years, both by fans and by reviewers.

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There is, however, support between the chart-toppers; in fact, they were working on stuff together.

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In an interview with Broken Record, JT was asked about rumours of a possible collaborative record. At the time, the singer was busy promoting his new album “Everything I Thought It Was.”

Check out the clip to see what he said:

Q: I read that Usher has been trying to get you to work with him on a record.This is Justin: Not too recently

Not recently?I told him no, no, no! Not long ago, he was very busy.

No doubt about it, he has been (laughs). He has been very busy with a great internship.Justus: Usher is a legend. That’s a bad guy.

If you could, would you record with him?Justin said, “Yes!” The one has to be right, in my opinion. Actually, I think I was going to go into the studio and write something for one of his future albums just to mess around. I don’t think we ever found it… got it? There’s also a chance that we didn’t budget enough time.

Q: So you should go into that with a sense of patience?This is Justin: Exactly, I agree. We should still go to the studio. Actually, that sounds like a lot of fun!

It’s Usher, man.Jeremy: Okay

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