After revealing that he was married to Yandy Smith, Mendeecees is going viral and getting responses on social media.

This is what Mendeecees said about his marriage to Yandy Smith:
MadameNoire says that Mendeecees told the truth on a recent show of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

In a new ad video going around on X (which used to be Twitter), he and Smith can be seen talking about their relationship on FaceTime.

Smith talks about how Mendeecees thinks she is “trying to be too independent.” Then she says that their relationship is like Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s on “Love & Hip Hop,” who reached a “dark place” in their marriage.

Smith tells Mendeecees, “And I just don’t want that for us.”

Smith then hears Mendeecees say that they “are in a dark place.”

Adding, “It’s been going on for a while now,” “If this is going to happen, you need to take it seriously.” You have to let it go if not.

After that, the video cuts to an interview with Mendeecees that is more like an apology. Someone in the company asks him if he thinks he and Yandy are ready to let go of their friendship.

His answer is “Yeah.” After that, the producer asks a question.

They asked, “Is the promise keeping you more than the love right now?”

In answer, Mendeecees makes a strong point.

“Yes, one hundred percent,” he replies. “This crap is meant to last forever, but it doesn’t have to.”

The video then cuts back to Mendeecee and Smith’s conversation, where the mother of three says that living without her husband “is not an option.” Smith also says she’s “devastated” by the way her husband sees things.

You can watch the whole talk below.

Is Mendeecees ready to break up with Yandy? 💔#LHHATL starts NEXT THURSDAY at 8p on @MTV 👀 Here’s a picture on Twitter:

— @loveandhiphop Love & Hip Hop April 8, 2024

How Social Media Responds
People on social media have different responses to what Mendeecees and Smith said on X.

She doesn’t care about what he has to say or listen to him.She is moving out by herself.She does things and waits for him to follow suit.This is a sign of respect.That’s not true at all; if you listen to him on the show, you’ll understand.

— Katie Lanier (@KatieLanier) April 8, 2024

I used to like him, but now I think he’s jealous of her because she probably brings in the most money.

“Oh No She Didn’t” — Sav April 8, 2024

We all have rough spots. They felt love for all time. He needs to understand that she had to be strong without him. That hat is tough to remove.

— @OchoTre83 April 9, 2024

You guys need to fix this because we don’t trust you to leave it alone.

That was Kaylan Brown (@kaylan504) on April 9, 2024.

This season of Love & Hip Hop: ATL, Mendeecees has been showing his WHOLE behind. Even more so when Yandy told him she wanted to give one of her eggs to her sister or cousin so she could have a baby.

But this is what I think of when I want to feel bad for Yandy. Twitter image: o1YPdXUXP1

That was Auntie Derek on April 10, 2024 (@DerekIsNormal).

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