When this little girl met her baby cousin for the first time, she was so happy she couldn’t hold back tears.

A woman from Reseda, California named Bree Miller just had her first child, a girl named Marley Rae. When it was time for the little baby to meet some of her family, Bree was ready with her camera to record the sweet moments. The girl was seen sitting on a couch in a living room in Simi Valley, California, when the video was taken.

That day, two of Marley Rae’s new cousins came over to check her out. The two little girls looked enthralled as Bree held and fed the baby. They would reach out slowly to touch her downy-soft hair, and they both couldn’t wait to hold that little girl in their arms.

Bree put Marley Rae to sleep and then put her in her cousin Tiffany’s arms. Tiffany seemed shocked and upset. Tiffany tears filled her eyes as she looked into the baby’s face and held her close to her body. A short time later, the little girl’s teary eyes turned into real ones because she was so filled with emotion!

People who have ever loved a child deeply will understand the look in Tiffany’s eyes as she holds Marley Rae close to her chest. You can tell she has a big heart and is naturally good at taking care of others. She will be the best cousin anyone could ask for!The little girl was amazed as her new cousin yawned, scrunched their eyes, and made a small noise in her lap.

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