Comm, Trinny Amhirwe is nine years old and just like any other girl her age. The only difference is that she has a bone tumour that is growing quickly and could take over her whole face.Hi Sarah, She was one and a half years old when the temor began.

It was only little at first, but it got bigger.

Comm, Trinny can’t see out of one eye because of the two-kilogram tumour, and it’s hard for her to eat.

If it wasn’t handled, it would be very bad for Trinny’s feet.

Hi Sarah, It looked like she was going to die.


Graham from the UK organisation Facing The World found Trinny living in Kampala, Uganda.

Faced with the World by Graham Banton
An American nurse working in Kampala found Trinny and got in touch with us in August—mid-August.

Pretty much, she sent a few pictures and said she met this girl.

Were there any things we thought we could do to help her?

Trinny has a sickness known as Fibro’s Dysplasia.

It’s when fibrosis bone tissue takes the place of normal bone tissue and just keeps growing, breaking down the healthy bone.

Some people have very bad cases, like Trinny’s. I was shocked to see how bad Trinny’s condition was.

Graham, that’s not something you see every day.

The spot on her skin where it’s growing will make it hard for her to breathe and eat.

That’s why we had to hurry and bring her over for surgery.

The charity flew Comm Trinny to the UK so that surgeons could try to remove the tumour.

Permanent Plastic Craniofacial Surgery by Niall Kirkpatrick
Niall, you can quickly and clearly see how big this benign tumour is. It is moving forward in the face and changing the shape of the cheekbone, the upper jaw, and actually the space between the eyes as well.

Those tumours are very rare.

They’re not cancer tumours that will kill you, but they have terrible effects, and cases as widespread as this one happen very rarely.

If you know Trinny, you know that she is just like any other little girl and is interested in the same things that other girls are, you won’t be surprised by how full of energy she was when she got there.

Some of the best surgeons in the UK who work for the charity were waiting to operate on Trinny on the day of her surgery.

Lynette Wright In real life, she is the most wonderful child, and everything she finds makes her happy.

Being on the pier and playing on the games get her very excited. She gets very excited about seeing the sea for the first time.

She just takes it all in.

She’s beautiful.

I’m glad about that.

Hi Sarah, When I’m very happy as I look at her now. Comm.

She is now ready to fly home with Mom Sarah.

Hi Trinny, I feel good now that my surgery is over.

I am able to eat well.

I’m excited about going to school when I get home.

Hi Sarah, Because the doctors did such great work, I’m very grateful.

Trinny will likely have a fate she didn’t have before, I think.

Thanks, Graham.

The people who come to Facing The World every year are many, but Trinny is one of those truly unique patients.

I truly hope that her surgery will allow her to continue her education and give her the freedom to do whatever she feels like.

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