In an episode of Jada’s Red Table Talk, one of the most important events in their marriage was brought to light. In May 2018, the couple talked freely about Jaden Smith’s struggle with not getting enough food. Jaden, who had switched to a vegetarian diet, was having health problems that made people worry about his safety. Dr. Mark Hyman was asked to help and found that Jaden was sensitive to gluten and cheese because of the foods he ate. The news caused people to talk about Jaden’s health and food choices, and the Smith family spoke out about the problems in public.

Willow Smith says the black community “shunned” her and Jaden.

Jaden had problems with more than just his physical health. He later talked about his mental health problems as well. He used mushrooms as part of an unusual way to deal with these problems, focusing on their ability to help people find themselves and break down walls inside themselves. Even though it was controversial, Jaden said that mushrooms were the idea for his clothing line, “Trippy Summer,” which is for people who don’t fit in and are going on their own journeys.

The Smith family’s public story has always been tangled with controversy. Jaden, who is known for speaking his mind, said he wanted to live on his own at a young age, which went against social norms and school systems. His tweets against formal schooling caused a lot of debate, and some people questioned how much power these tweets had over his large following.

Smiths Willow and Jaden You can thank Will and Jada for their sibling dynamic.

In 2018, Jaden made a big deal when he said that Tyler, the Creator was his boyfriend in public. At first, it seemed serious, but it was actually a joke, showing Jaden’s love for making fun of controversy.

Willow was also watched from a very young age. People didn’t like how her “Summer Fling” music video made her look adult when she was only 12 years old. Also, a picture of actor Moises Arias, who was 20 at the time, in bed led child protection services to look into it, which Jada strongly denied.

Willow’s first book, “The Black Shield Maiden,” got her in trouble as an adult because it was said to misrepresent the Amazigh people and Islamic culture. Some parts that showed the Amazigh as aggressive caused a lot of anger and calls for more responsible and sensitive reporting.

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