Deepak Paswan was born in an area of India that wasn’t very well developed. He also had a rare medical issue that made him stand out. He had one head but four legs and four arms because a parasite twin was joined to his stomach.Deepak’s family didn’t like all the attention their son was getting, so they asked for help in public to cut off the extra limbs.

A hospital in the southern city of Bangalore moved quickly to offer to pay for the difficult and dangerous treatment, which made their wish come true. Deepak’s life will never be the same after the surgery to remove his extra arms went well.

It wasn’t easy to do the surgery. The operation was very rare and hard to do. It took more than eight hours. Along with doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists, 40 other medical workers worked on the surgery.

Deepak’s life has changed for the better because of how kind the hospital and medical staff were. He can now live a life without pain and suffering.

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