Paige Howard, her father Ron Howard’s daughter, is now a wife. Ron and Cheryl Howard are thrilled about their daughter’s big event, but for Ron, the best part was the wedding day itself.

There are four children living with Ron Howard and his wife of 47 years. Ron Howard is a famous film director. Three girls, two of whom are twins, and one son are their children.

Paige is one of the twin girls. She wants to be an actress like her father and older sister. She went to the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City and has been in movies like “The Employer” and “Adventureland” and TV shows like “The Astronauts” and “Medium.”

Paige got engaged to Tim Abou-Nasr, an actor and singer, two years ago. They had been together for three years. Their wedding was supposed to happen in May 2020, but it had to be pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though there was a delay, Paige said she was thankful to have Tim in her life.

Paige and Tim thought about the delay and changed their focus to getting ready for their wedding, understanding that the commitment was important beyond the wedding day itself. They were looking forward to being engaged for another year.

In 2022, their dream of getting married came true when they said their vows in a beautiful wedding in New York’s Central Park. On Instagram, Paige’s husband wrote about how happy they were, calling Paige “the most beautiful bride” and showing a lot of love and relief.

Paige also wrote about her happiness on Instagram, saying that her wedding day was the most beautiful day of her life and that she was filled with joy and thanks.

Paige looked back at a collection of pictures from their wedding day and remembered the special times she had with her husband and their dog in the beautiful New York scenery. She talked about how happy she was to call Tim her brother-in-law and how proud she was of her sister Bryce for being a girl.

Ron Howard was both the proud father and the officiant of the wedding. He shared his happiness on social media, praising Paige’s beauty and saying how happy he was to be a part of their special day.

Paige shared a sweet video of her dancing with her dad at the wedding on Father’s Day as a tribute. The video made people cry. Ron returned the love and told her how grateful he was for the amazing hug they shared while dancing to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”

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