Cardi B shocked everyone last week when she said she was going to end her relationship with Offset. Many people have come forward to try to help the two get back together since she made it clear that she’s very serious. Not even 50 Cent.

In order to promote her upcoming “Money” music video, the five-time Grammy candidate posted a video of herself on Instagram wearing gold watches yesterday (Dec. 10). That being said, 50 Cent stopped by the comments to say what he thought about her and Offset’s upcoming divorce. The Queens MC writes, “That’s a cute outfit, but you need to go home.” “That boy loves you, girl.”

“No Divorce, Ok, Chill Out,” 50 said.

Cardi B has made it clear that she will not back down in this situation, even though over 25,000 Instagram users may be on the Southside Bully’s side (based on the number of likes on his comment). The Bronx rapper performed “MotorSport” a few days after telling everyone about the news. She changed her line to rap: “I told him the other day, yeah we’re gon’ get a divorce.”

Offset may have cheated on her, which could be why they broke up. In a video, a lady named Summer Bunni apologized to Cardi while crying and said she had an affair with the Migos star. She said that she and rapper Cuban Doll were talking about having a threesome with Offset, but he still won’t have anything to do with them. It’s not true, says Cuban Doll. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things go. Check out what the 50s told the pair below.

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