The reports about Kate Middleton’s health were finally put to rest when she recently said she had been diagnosed with cancer. The palace said in January that she was having surgery on her abdomen, which led to a lot of gossip when she didn’t show up in public afterward.

Because of pressure from the media, the palace finally said that she was okay, but this didn’t fully calm people down.

Kate was in a picture with her mother, and on Mother’s Day, she was on a patio with her kids. But experts pointed out that the second picture had been changed. There was backlash and a “kill notice” from news outlets, and some blamed Kate for changing the photos.

Neil Sean, a royal writer, said Kate might not have known the photo was changed and that the situation was made bigger than it was by news outlets looking for mistakes.

The picture and Kate’s absence caused a lot of talk and even blame to be directed at Harry and Meghan for sharing personal information with the public.

Kinsey Schofield, an expert on the royal family, says that the public may have changed its standards about what the royals should say because they are so open.

Kate finally talked about her health, and she said that during follow-up tests after her surgery, doctors found cancer. She told them that she was getting chemotherapy and stressed that her family needed respect during this hard time.

A former palace worker talked about the stress that modern royals are under, saying that the public’s need for knowledge is a new problem for them. They said they were sure Kate would return to her royal tasks with even more passion after she got better.

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