A baby boy from Clearwater, Florida, was born with a growth on his back that looked like a turtle shell. His parents named him “little Ninja Turtle.”The 19-month-old boy James McCall was given the nickname “d” for his rare skin condition, which doctors couldn’t explain.James’s mother, Kaitlyn McCall, 35, says that ultrasounds did not show anything about the baby’s health before he was born on August 19, 2021.But the new mum and her 41-year-old husband Tim became worried when they saw that James’ back was getting scars and lumps.Kaitlyn told Soth weird News Service, “It looked like a birthmark but was scabbed over in some places.

It was a little scary because it looked like something was wrong.”It took months for the results to come back after the mark got bigger and looked like a big mole.

“At that point, the doctors didn’t really know what it was,” Kaitlyn said.

It used to cover 75% of his back, but now it was getting fatter and less slender, she said. “It looked like it was getting bigger.”

James couldn’t sleep on his back because he was born with a rare skin condition.

Thank you, Kaitlyn McCallm / SWNS

Doctors were worried about the baby’s skin condition.

James had more than one surgery to get rid of the lump.

Thank you, Kaitlyn McCallm / SWNS

James’s lump grew quickly, making it too heavy for the baby to sleep on his back.ls

She said, “It had turned into a turtle shell on his back.” “His head was so bumpy that he couldn’t lay it flat.”

In February 2022, James had his first surgery to remove the nodules. Before the surgery, he had an MRI on his spine and cranium to see if the growth was inside him.

The new parents of James say that his quality of life is much better now that the mass has been taken out.

Kaitlyn said, “One of the s-conditions is internal growth on the spine or ribs.” “That’s why, at 2½ months old, he had to be put to sleep to have it done.”

Lucky for them, there was no internal growth, so his parents started the process of having it removed. After his first surgery, doctors checked the skin that had been taken for diseases, and the results were negative.

they were afraid the mass would come back, tm and People with the same condition as Kaitlyn joined a Facebook group to talk to each other. They say that the group has helped them understand other symptoms and side effects, such as itching and sweat glands that don’t work.

Kaityln and TM said they would take care of the group instead of you.

Thank you, Kaitlyn McCallm / SWNS

James’ parents talked to a specialist in Chicago and agreed to start tisse expansion in September 2022. This means that the “good” skin will grow synthetically.

Kaitlyn said, “You can do the process of growth from home.” “The doctor puts the expanders under the skin, and then we give them saline injections once a week. This slowly makes the good skin grow over the nevi.”

“He’s much happier and more at ease, and we’ll just be glad when it’s all over by summer,” she said.

He is getting skin expansion to help the damaged skin grow back.

James will only have a few scars, and his parents are glad it happened on his back instead of his face, where it usually does.

“Taking this off will make his life better in every way.” “He can make up a cool story about it and say it’s a shark bone or something,” Kaitlyn said. “We’d rather have the drive than have to deal with this any day.”

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